Compete From The Lab Of The Future

With all the unfair advantages offered by our SmartLab workspaces, accelerator and residential programs, and operational support.

Plug'n Play Workspaces

  • Configurable SmartLab suites
  • On-demand Clean Rooms
  • Accelerator with core equipment
  • Private and open office options

High-touch Experience

  • Accelerator and residential programs
  • Back office and LabOps support from purchasing and IT to facilities and EHS
  • Community Success Team

SmartLab Technology

  • Remote lab assistance
  • Touchless access control
  • 24/7 lab monitoring
  • Mobile app

Strategic Partnerships

  • VIP events with top VCs & Corporate Partners
  • Group purchasing discounts
  • Capital and business development

SmartLab Workspaces

Build breakthroughs in the privacy of your own lab, with options to grow.


For 1-3 Fellows

1 desk

1 Parking spot

350 rsf


For 4-6 Fellows

2 desks

2 Parking spots

500 rsf


For 6-12 Fellows

4 desks

4 Parking spots

1,600 rsf


For 15-20 Fellows

8 desks

8 Parking spots

4,000 rsf

The HomeLab Experience

You bring the science, we take care of everything else.


We handle all your day-to-day purchases and help with sourcing to lower your burn and extend your runway.


We got you covered from LabOps and office janitorial to custom lab buildouts, and moving/relocation services.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Science safely with our EHS plans, programs, and added support for permits and hazardous waste management.

Information Technology (IT)

Fully-managed IT infrastructure to enjoy shared WiFi or let us host your own private network and servers.

Administrative Controls

Control costs and get your team audit-ready for GxP, FDA, HIPPA, Financial (SOC I/II) compliance, and more!

It Pays To Innovate

Enjoy VIP events, group discounts, and strategic partnerships with our eProcurement Incentive Consortium (ePIC BIO).

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Innovation Focuses

Regenerative Medicine

Gene & Cell Therapy

Animal Health

Food Tech

Lab Automation

AI for Drug Discovery

Medical Device & Diagnostics

Test Labs

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Run LabOps Securely From Anywhere

LabFellows Cloud

Centralized connectivity dashboard to bring together your business and lab operations all in one place with enterprise-grade data security in the cloud.


Powering The World's Best Labs!

Through our HomeLab Network, access flexible workspaces, lab equipment, and service support anywhere your team is. HomeLab powered by LabFellows fosters long-term partnerships in the bio-innovation ecosystem.

Meet potential mentors, partners, and customers to fuel biotech development and business disruption like never before.

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What We are Looking For

We house the best life science companies that are working on big ideas, in large markets with the right team to win. This is why, our selection committee makes sure HomeLab companies are the right fit, we have made it possible for teams of any size to start or grow their science company, so we welcome amazing biotech teams that are willing to genuinely improve the world through innovation.

Our innovation focuses are in the areas of regenerative medicine, gene & cell therapy, animal health, food tech, lab automation, AI for drug discovery, medical device & diagnostics, and test labs.

HomeLab Team

Biotech has been crucial for therapeutics and vaccines to treat and prevent diseases, but the process of treatment development, obtaining regulatory approval, and bringing it to market takes an average of 15 years, meaning companies often spend more than a decade on a product before seeing a return on investment.

Building HomeLab is primarily focused on providing founders and their teams with turnkey solutions that enable faster entry into major markets, full regulatory compliance, and ongoing support. The following mix makes this possible:


Biotech has been crucial for therapeutics and vaccines to treat and prevent diseases, but the process of treatment

Operational Support

Services from procurement, accounting, IT, to facilities & EHS with on-premise and remote lab assistance options.


a variety of workplace solutions ranging from bench space in our community labs to private SmartLab suites combined to house teams of any size.


from VIP events, group discounts, to strategic partnerships, and much more!

Our Philosophy

The most diverse teams make the best teams. We have always known this to be true and have put a lot of resources into making it happen.

Our mission is to help the best teams win and break free from labs that simply aren’t smart enough. Through vertical integration of space and service support, we help companies reduce costs, and create a more efficient supply chain, so teams can focus on their science, and we take care of everything else.

HomeLab Team

Diverse teams don’t just happen. They are created.

We are a dynamic team with a wide range of cultures and backgrounds in order to give you the best chance of success.

Our Company

The challenges biotech companies face today start in the lab. Often, scientists and lab teams spend valuable time dealing with operations issues or trying to figure out how to integrate new technologies or resources into their workflow. HomeLab eliminates these hurdles by providing access to highly controlled smartlabs where research-stage projects are translated into novel scientific breakthroughs more quickly.

Founded back in 2014 by Julio de Unamuno IV, we started out as a “coworking space for scientists” — offering fully equipped laboratory space for biotech startups. Entrepreneurial academics and other small teams would rent space from us and have access to all kinds of tools necessary to run a biotech company. This business model made a lot of sense — not only was able to bring specialized laboratory equipment to startups, but it was also able to do so in a way that was more affordable for companies of any size.

Over time, however, we began to outgrow this model. It quickly became clear that were far more than a “coworking space for scientists” — we became a biotech hub network, became Home of the Disruptive Biotech.





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Building a Disruptive Biotech?

Non-confidential Deck and/or Executive Summary