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Yelia Colin

Head of Marketing

“I Enjoy Spreading The Word About All The Amazing Work Being Done At Homelab So That More Disruptive Innovators Can Join Us To Help Heal The World Through Scientific Innovation. ”

Yelia leads much of the content writing and communications across our various marketing channels. Prior to joining HomeLab she also helped build and manage brands for a few startups in different industries. She is an impact-driven person and the projects she collaborates on makes sure have a positive impact on people’s lives. Her goal is to spread the word about all the amazing work being done at HomeLab so that more disruptive innovators can join us to help heal the world through scientific innovation.

What We are Looking For

Our Selection Committee made up of our leadership team, mentors, and strategic partners looks for disruptive biotech teams working on big ideas, in large markets with the right people to win. Our innovation focuses are in the areas of regenerative medicine, gene & cell therapy, animal health, food tech, lab automation, AI for drug discovery, medtech, and test labs.

Our Philosophy

The challenges biotech companies face today should not be finding and running a lab. Often, scientists and lab teams spend valuable science time dealing with operations-related issues or trying to figure out how to integrate new technologies and resources into their workflow. HomeLab helps the best teams win and break free from labs that simply aren’t smart enough. Through vertical integration of lab & office space, technology, and service support, we help disruptive biotechs reduce costs and create more efficient operating models so teams can focus on their science while we take care of everything else.

Founded in 2014, we started out by offering monthly memberships (Fellowships) to shared wetlab space and equipment to entrepreneurial academics and small startup teams in our community. Over time, our members began to outgrow this model… and so as they evolved, we evolved:

Our Fellows didn’t need to be “graduated” – they needed more options for dedicated space to grow their teams.

Our Fellows weren’t pining for another “science of beer” event – they needed more effective and efficient connections to mentors and introductions to capital partners that translated into better development timelines and investor checks.

Our Fellows were not lacking common advice on how to incorporate their companies or file patents – they needed uncommon tips and tricks to build better biotechs.

It’s clear we are far more than an “incubator space” — we work with founders to build HomeLab – Home of the Disruptive Biotech.

HomeLab Team

Diverse teams don’t just happen. They are created.

We are a dynamic team with a wide range of cultures and backgrounds in order to give you the best chance of success.

Our Approach

We believe that disruptive biotechs transcend boundaries: they can be built anywhere, by anyone and in any corner of the economy, from curing rare diseases at scale to mass-producing lab-grown meat. We want to find and be a home to these companies.

We partner with founders around the world, across life sciences and digital health applications, and at various stages, primarily before success is obvious.

Our mission is simple: Back disruptive biotechs that invent the future, and become founders’ most trusted partner by providing all the space and operational support they need to do more science. We measure our success not merely by helping founders build toward exceptional exits, but by the impact we create through our mission-driven bioinnovation consortium.

We aspire to achieve success through diversity and inclusion of people and technology. The best teams win. And the best teams are the most diverse ones. We set the example by our team, the founders we select, our partners, and people across the world that our companies serve. We develop unfair advantages of digitizing business and lab operational processes that reduce burn and extend the runway for teams within HomeLab to outcompete those on the outside.





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