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Healthy Home Program


HomeLab’s Healthy Home Program allows you to identify toxins and track pollutant levels as you create a healthy home. Using the monitor as a guide, the 5 Step program will ensure your home is as healthy as humanly possible.

  • Start monitoring your home’s vitals
First we’ll send you a healthy home monitor. Just connect it to your wifi using our app and we will start collecting vital readings of your home’s health. Start in one area then move throughout the home. The monitor and app will learn about your home for 10 days before our Home Doctors provide a specific plan.
  • Get a tailored Healthy Home Plan from our Home Doctors
After monitoring your home’s vitals for 10 days, the app will guide you through creating a home profile and identifying causes of toxin and pollution spikes. A Home Doctor will then provide a tailored Healthy Home Plan and review it with you over the phone.
  • Start your Home Fitness routine
Just like a fitness program, we provide an activity routine tailored for your home. We’ve found that the biggest hurdle to a healthy home is knowing which activities create toxins and pollutants. Once you know you can easily start countering them. In fact, our Home Fitness routine alone can remove up to 40% of your toxins and pollutants! There are toxic everyday products that come in and out of a home regularly. If you haven’t already we’ll make it easy to switch to non-toxic alternatives. You may also log your activities and get helpful reminders to make sure you’re staying on track. When starting a fitness program there may be some minor things you need. Instead of running shoes and dry-wick shirts however, a home may need some common exhaust fans and non-toxic products. We’ll make it easy to get these tools in place so you can start getting your home in shape and healthy. Start seeing your toxins and pollutant levels go down shortly after!  
  • Monitor home vital readings in other areas
Once you’ve made progress in one room or area, monitor different areas to add to your Home Fitness routine. You can continually improve home health by going from area to area and removing toxins and pollutants, or go straight to Home Detox. You may also monitor specific locations in one area to help determine toxic sources. If our Home Doctors see indicative readings of mold, formaldehyde, CO, radon, or other specific toxin we can provide additional testing equipment to determine if they are present.
  • Put your home through Home Detox
Your Home Fitness activities will dilute and remove toxins and pollutants as they are generated or enter the home. Yet to have a truly healthy home we need to remove toxic sources and prevent pollution from coming inside. We call this portion of the program Home Detox, as it cleanses your home thoroughly. Our Home Doctor’s will assess your home’s structure, gas appliances, flooring, beds, furniture and other key home items that emit, offgas, or allow pollutants in. We will then prioritize items to replace or update and guide you through each recommendation, making it easy to create a healthy home.