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Our certified healthy home evaluators and/or asthma educators use the latest research along with building science, product toxicity, and filtration expertise to provide a comprehensive plan for removing pollutants.

Product toxicity expertise deals with knowing which products are non-toxic and safe to bring inside the home.This can be anything from makeup to beds to flooring.

Building science draws upon physics, material science, engineering and architecture to study the physical nature of a building. Buildings or homes are seen as a system of integrated parts (materials, appliances, etc.) that impact air quality, energy efficiency, comfort, and durability.

Filtration product expertise is used to identify which products most effectively remove pollutants and toxins that end up in the home.

Our healthy home evaluators are certified by the Building Performance Institute, the leading institution for training professionals in home air quality. They know how to prevent outdoor pollution from coming in, how to get appliance and cooking emissions out, and which materials will produce the least amount of VOCs.