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How it Works – Basic

Basic Program


Start our free online program and get everything you need to create a healthier home

    • Developed by certified building analysts, home health evaluators, and mold inspectors with decades of experience and years of home monitoring data, our Home Health Evaluation analyzes dozens of issues in a home. Get details on each risk and understand how they impact your home’s health. See how your home compares to healthy ones and start learning how different aspects of a home work together to create your environment. Your appliances, fans, heater, flooring, furniture, ventilation, and habits all impact your home’s health. Start finding out how.

    • Our Home Survey is quick yet thorough, capturing key information on traits and items that carry the largest health impacts in your home. Taken from years of experience providing in-home assessments, our online survey allows anyone, anywhere to see their home health concerns in under 2 minutes, whether you own or rent.

      • Our certified professionals base all recommendations on research from the National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization, Lawrence Berkeley Labs’ Indoor Environment Division, and other renowned, independent organizations. Each recommendation comes with in-depth guidance so you may understand how an issue affects your home and get specific solutions you can act on right away.

      • Your Healthy Home Gameplan shows prioritized recommendations on a personalized game board, where each step creates a healthier environment. Travel down your path by completing recommendations, improving your Home Health Score along the way. It’s a great way to see your progress toward a healthier home.

      • There are hundreds of purifiers, cleaners, services, and other home health products available. We will explain what to look for, what doesn’t work, and provide a good example for each, allowing you to act quickly and be confident in your decision.

      • It’s hard to find a good contractor. It’s even more difficult to find one that understands healthy home environments. If needed, we will connect you to contractors certified in building analysis or healthy home evaluation who do the recommended work.

      • There are dozens of simple activities you can perform at no cost to improve your home’s health. Our Activity Guide is based on indoor environment studies and the asthma practice parameter for environmental management currently employed by health professionals. Update your progress every month to maintain a healthier home and improve your Home Health Score.

      • You receive rewards as you improve your Home Health Score, making it even easier to create a healthier home. Get special discounts on purifiers, monitors, filters, inspections, and more to help improve your environment.

      • Our online tools contain valuable information and expert advice on creating a healthy home. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone though. Our experts are available to program members for phone consultations at a 20% discount.

Get an Evaluation

First take our free Home Survey and get your Home Health Score.

View Your Recommendations

See prioritized recommendations and guidance through your Gameplan.

Create a Healthier Home

Perform activities and complete recommendations to improve your Home Health Score and create a healthier home.