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How it Works – HHE

Home Health Evaluation

Home Health Evaluation

Start understanding what makes a home healthy

    • Developed by certified building analysts, home health evaluators, and mold inspectors with decades of experience and years of home monitoring data, our Home Health Evaluation analyzes dozens of issues in a home. Get details on each risk and understand how they impact your home’s health. See how your home compares to healthy ones and start learning how different aspects of a home work together to create your environment. Your appliances, fans, heater, flooring, furniture, ventilation, and habits all impact your home’s health. Start finding out how.
    • Our Home Survey is quick yet thorough, capturing key information on traits and items that carry the largest health impacts in your home. Taken from years of experience providing in-home assessments, our online survey allows anyone, anywhere to see their home health concerns in under 2 minutes, whether you own or rent.

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