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How it Works – Silver

How it Works – Silver

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Game Board

Take your understanding from Basic and start to act

    • Get a tailored Healthy Home Gameplan for your home with prioritized recommendations on a personalized game board. Each step is designed to create a healthier environment. Read more to get detailed instructions and independent, research-based product and service options. Travel down your path by completing recommendations, racking up points along the way.

    • There are dozens of simple activities you can perform at no cost to improve your home health on an ongoing basis. Get a detailed list and update your progress every month to score bonus points.

    • Each point you score brings you one step closer toward the next reward. Use special discounts to get purifiers, monitors, filters, inspections, and more to continue toward a healthier home.

Get a Home Health Evaluation

First take our free Home Survey and get your Home Health Score.

Get Your Healthy Home Gameplan

Sign up for a Healthy Home Gameplan to get prioritized recommendations on a personalized game board.

Improve Your Home’s Health

Perform activities and complete recommendations to score points, get rewards, and create a healthier home.