How It Works - Overview - HomeLab

How It Works – Overview

How It Works

Start reducing your home pollution in three easy steps

Diagnose your home’s health

Get a monitor or purifier and set up your home’s profile

Review your step-by-step plan

Set up a phone review with our Healthy Home Evaluators and get started on your plan

Go through your plan with our continued support

Get unbiased, expert guidance, be reminded of key activities, and see your pollution decrease.

Get everything you need to create a healthier home

    • Our monitor or purifier and home profile effectively diagnoses any potential issue you may have; from offgasing chemicals to asthma triggers to mold issues. Access your reports and analysis online or via phone and tablet.

    • Get an individualized step-by-step plan based on your pollution levels and home characteristics. We’ll focus on key actions that can help remove pollutants first in our Home Fitness routine – this alone can remove up to 40% of your pollution and costs nothing. We’ll also provide guide you through removing pollution sources and upgrading your filtration and ventilation through unbiased recommendations in the Home Detox phase.

    • Our certified Healthy Home Evaluators will go over your reports and plan via phone, talking you through every step and answering questions. You may also email our Healthy Home Evaluators at any time afterward to receive additional support.

    • You can change your environment and we will empower you to create a healthier home. By understanding what is in your air, how certain home characteristics matter, and basic principles of air flow, you can start controlling your exposure to pollution for the rest of your life.

Say goodbye to asthma and allergy triggers, gas emissions, chemical offgassing and more

Success Stories

  • As a mother of two young children, air quality in my home matters a lot to me. I want to make sure that I am creating the best environment possible for my children to live a healthy life. The HomeLab experience was super easy and, effective. THANK YOU HOMELAB!
    Marcela F.
  • We have been concerned about our 16 month old living in our home that was built in the 1950s. HomeLab’ analysis had several area’s of concern and we were able to get the correct solutions in place with minimal effort through their guidance.
    Ben M.
  • The report gave an easy to read risk scale and helpful tips/guidance to improve the air quality.
    Joanne H.
  • VOCs were accumulating in my home at night…. HomeLab guidance immediately made a significant difference in my VOC levels without spending a dime, yay, and their ongoing support has been incredibly helpful.
    Noel K.
  • My pollution levels went from 3Xs the unhealthy threshold to almost 0 in under a week after I went through the HomeLab program.
    Melissa H.
  • I cannot speak more highly of the HomeLab program. My entire family has suffered from allergies and reactions from poor air quality for years, and despite extensive research and remodeling, we simply couldn’t solve our problems. With HomeLab we’re well on our way to better health than we’ve had in years. They truly listened to us, analyzed the information they collected, explained everything thoroughly and were able to almost immediately identify our issues and provide real, tangible solutions. As a result, our VOCs were cut in half!
    Richard A,
  • They saved me at least $10,000 by focusing on effective actions and steering me away from common solutions that research has shown don’t work.
    Robert J.