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Our Mission

Our Mission: Make Every Home a Healthy Home

Airborne particles, chemicals, and gases are all inside our homes, creating a poor environment for us and our families. The problem is pervasive and silently impacts our health, yet it doesn’t have to. HomeLab is on a mission to remove pollutants from every family room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. We place an effective shield against unwanted, unseen toxins so everyone can breathe easier. Using data and our building science expertise we identify the type of indoor pollution and its source, taking care of the problem from beginning to end so you can go about your day while cleaning your air.
2-5X Indoor air quality is 2-5 Xs worse than outdoors 90% of our time is spent indoors 62,000 chemicals are allowed in U.S. products 2% of these chemicals have had health impact studies. So far 5 have been banned.